Ultimate Space Koli workshop

The workshop is carried out by the students of Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, MA Program in Environmental Art

Project implemented by Tristan Hamel

Ultimate Space Koli

Connections between nature and culture have for long been achieved within the realm of mysticism and religious practices, particularly in the form of pagan rites which persisted up to now throughout Europe. More recently, art has served has a privileged form of mediation in order to foster the sense of inclusion of humans in the land. Historically, the area of Koli in Eastern Finland has been a place where pagan rites were conducted. There was sacrificial grounds and sites known for their magical dimension.

Artists of the Finnish Golden Age built upon these traditions and singled out Koli as a privileged place for the expression of “Finnishness” in connection to nature. During the time of the workshop, students will be asked to reflect on this background in their own practice. To do so, they will produce a work of art in the direct vicinity of “Pirun Kirkko” (Devil’s Church), or on other dedicated spots around Koli. The form of the work will be left up to the student, the only constraint being, besides the location, to use only natural materials found on site. Only a very few tools will be available for the work. The aim is to incite the students to engage with the environment, both physically and intellectually.

Documentation of the work is compulsory. It will be included in an itinerant exhibition of environmental art to be displayed in several librairies throughout North Carelia during the summer of 2013.

(Tristan Hamel)


Inka Kosonen (Suomi/Finland)

Satomi Koyanagi (Japani/Japan)

Yunhye Kim (Etelä­Korea/South­Korea)

Tong Ren (Kiina/China)

Laura Boit (Ranska/France)

Haruka Maitani (Japani/Japan)

Akihiko Sugiura (Japani/Japan)

Suvi Saastamoinen (Suomi/Finland)

Nina Teerilahti (Suomi/Finland)

Elizabeth Bradley (Iso­Britannia/United Kingdom)

Aunis Ahonen (Suomi/Finland)

Jungae Seo (Etelä­Korea/South­Korea)

Saana Kytömäki (Suomi/Finland)

Workshop exhibitions:

  • Joensuu Municipal Libarary August 5th-30rd
  • Ultimate Space Koli
    Luontokeskus Ukko / Visitor Centre Ukko,
    December 2nd 2013- February 28th 2014


The workshop is part of the “Exhibition Tour in the province”

  • Hospital Gallery Mokoma Joensuu, August 12th-31st 2013
  • Juuka Municipal Library, September 2nd-20th 2013
  • Kontiolahti Municipal Library, October 1st-18th 2013
  • Kesälahti Municipal Library, November 4th-22nd 2013
  • Joensuu Eno Municipal Library, February 10th-28th 2014
  • Lieksa Culture Centre, March / April 2014


KOLI-Environmental Art Festival is a three-year-project taking place in Koli National Park and Koli village.