Artists 2014


Visual artist 1958

The elements of nature hold profound teachings for us. These can be found in the myths of Kalevala. My work includes walking the forest and returning the Kalevala texts to the nature as offerings so that I can enter into those myths and find the creative spirit for the art process. The texts are often written on birch bark, the birch tree being a sacred tree associated with birth and transformation. (see Kalevala Runo 44 ­ the Birch Kantele)


Anne Pehkonen

Visual artist, s1954, Varkaus
Lives and works in Joensuu

The Gardens of Love, 2014

“Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is love” The skeleton of the The Earth was produced by students from Technology and Culture in North Karelia college Joensuu and their teacher Seppo Timonen. Voluntary workers from Koli Village with the help of Lindy Davidson and Ilkka Tolvanen assisted in constructing the globe.

Warm thanks for everybody.

Chrys Allen

Visual Artist

Born in 1963. UK
London (and sometimes Koli)

It was during the arts residencies at Koli Ryynänen that walking became an essential aspect of Chrys’s art practice.  Since both walking and drawing allow the imagination to wander the drawings would now meander and reveal themselves at a gentle walking pace: The contemplative nature of the work extending the process of discovery and exploring. History, memory and imagination are incorporated into scrolls and maps.




Miia Rosenius

Visual artist, Born in 1982, Kontiolahti
Lives and works in Liperi, Finland

As an artist I journey in everyday life with all my senses wide open to any new things and phenomenon to be observed. An essential factor to my work is often the material and the space. I am fascinated by the relationship of my art, space around it and the viewer. These three factors always have an effect on each other and they all became important in a situation where the art and interpretation take shape.

In Koli I was fascinated by the place I had chosen for my art – the forest with the spruces and the dark green moss, my soul landscape, a place where I feel at home, I’m safe.  I wanted to make my work out of natural materials. I’m leaving a small, subtle trace behind me. It can be left on site, as it will become a part of the landscape. I know that the nature will retake its space.

Tiina Merikoski

Landscape architect 1976, Espoo

Tiina Merikoski is a landscape architect and a land use planner – and a Koli resident. She has worked as a planner, a designer and a researcher in different scale projects mainly investigating sustainable solutions, and community and stakeholder participation.

She has traveled around the world studying architecture and landscape planning in the most unique environments. She has designed projects in Alaska, Switzerland and Spain. She’s also worked in Amman Jordan, participated in international design workshops in Johannesburg South Africa and in Vancouver Canada, and  done her master’s thesis in Siem Reap Cambodia. These experiences have left her with a strong will to make a difference, and to contribute to improving living environments. At the moment she holds her office at Koli, and designs and builds a log house of her own.

Tuija HP

Visual artist, s1965 Eno

I’m a visual artist, a community artist and an art teacher. An all-rounder in the field of art and culture. I’m a woman and a wife also mother of two. It happened, infatuation and falling in love again with the landscape. With the light and the shadow with the simple things.