The Meeting place

The Artists’ Residency Ryynänen is located in the middle of Koli village and it acts as “a meeting place” during the festival. There is also a small atmospherical Café at Ryynänen and a local history museum, Kolin Kotiseutumuseo.

The Meeting Place functions as a forum where public, participants and partners can all meet each other. It will provide information about the KOLI Environmental Art Festival. The Meeting Place is also a principle – our intention is to accomplish interaction between different actors and to arrange activity together. In 2014 there will be presentations by the visiting artists, open discussions, workshops (comics) and happenings arranged to enhance the sense of community.

The festival artists invited are working in the Artists’ Residency Ryynänen during May and June. Local people, travellers and representatives from communities and organizations are also welcome to the events at The Meeting Place.

Artists at the meeting place 2014

Leakages ­ workshop


May 17th and 18th 2014 the student group of Making Life visited Koli National Park in Finland to explore the site as a potential case study for their participation in the workshop Making Life (EU funded workshop created in collaboration with Biofilia, Bioartsociety, and Symbiotica).

Lecturers: Erich Berger (Artist, Director, Bioart Society), Tiina Hakkarainen (Ministry of Forestry), Pia Lindman (Artist, Professor of Environmental Art, Aalto University), HeikkiSimola (Biologist, University of Eastern Finland), Jukka Tommila (Stonedesigner, Koli Culture Association), Paul Vanouse (Artist, Biofilia Research­in­Residence, University of Buffalo)

Students: Charli Clark (Environmental Art, Aalto University), Lora Dimova (Art, Aalto University), Philip Hector (Creative Sustainability, Aalto University), Tähti Oksanen (biology, University of Eastern Finland), Tiina Taskinen (Textile Design, Aalto University)

Participants: Tuija Hirvonen­Puhakka (Artist, Pyry ry), Teijo Karhu (Artist, Pyry ry), Tiina Merikoski (Landscape Architect, Artist, Koli Culture Association), Sampo Parkkonen (Technical Instructor, Aalto University), Miia Rosenius (Artist, Pyry ry) The workshop was hosted by the PYRY ry.

http://bioartsociety.fi (the Finnish Society of Bioart)
http://biofilia.aalto.fi/en/ (Biofilia)
http://www.environmentalart.fi (The Degree Programme in Environmental Art)

Presentations of the festival

25.6.2014 The press conference was organized as an excursion in the Slash and burn gallery.

3.8. 2014 KOLI Environmental Art Festival was presented to Nordic Culture Fund in Visitor Centre Ukko.

Artists at the meeting place 2013

  • Heidi Miikki ja Heikki Tolin 5.5.-12.5.
  •  Lea Turto 13.5.-19.5.
  • Mitsuko Chapa Miyakawa 27.5.- 4.6.
  • Tiina Hallakorpi 16.6-21.6.
  • Tatiana Dubovskayai 19.6.- 24.6.
  • Aleksandrov Lev 19.6.- 24.6.
  • Maria Vlasova 19.6.- 24.6.

Ultimate Space Koli workshop 2013

The students of Master’s Degree Programme at Aalto University Department of Environmental Art will perform Ultimate Space Koli -project May 19th – May 26th.
Project teacher Tristan Hamel



KOLI-Environmental Art Festival is a three-year-project taking place in Koli National Park and Koli village.