Art excursions 2014

The art work of  KOLI Environmental Art Festival 2014 is versatile and many of the artists invited have a strong bond to Koli. There will also be art that has a strong sense of community, people can feel the “old style” sense of community at the hay-making and the art work The Garden of Love. You can also sense the atmosphere while rowing a boat and having discussions about art. It is also possible to have an Artist Lunch listening to a poetry recital, a guided excursion to the site of the artworks or you can participate in a comics course by walking in the nature.

The Garden of Love, voluntary-work happening, organized by artist Anne Pehkonen

Artist Lunch,  organized by  artist Tuija Hirvonen-Puhakka

The rowing trips at Lake Pielinen with artist Teijo Karhu

Comics course in the Koli national park,  Nina Mutik

Guided excursion from Mattila to the Forest Gallery with artist Miia Rosenius

Participatory happenings, workshops and performances 2013

May 5th–7th 2013 no upper age limit! – Workshop for adults by dancer Heidi Miikki and circus artist Heikki Tolin

May 11th Performance by Dancer Heidi Miikki and Circus artist Heikki Tolin in front of Koli village shop

Anne Pehkonen, SNOWBALL – open performance (2008-2018) in front of Koli village shop. Snowball the Symbol of the Global Warming


Performance at Slash and Burn Gallery Opening at Seuraintalo, June 15th 2013.

Heikki Mäntymaa: Dance, outfits
Ninni Perko: Dance, composition
Jarmo Saari: Music, guitar
Aarre & Saima Saari: Umbrellamushrooms, assistants

Art excursions to environmental art sites

July 3rd Art excursion for the immigrant families. Art Guides Miia Rosenius and Anne Pehkonen. In cooperation with Lieksa Koto office.

July 7th Art excursion for Kirsikoti artists. Art Guide Liisa Tommila. In cooperation with

Kirsikoti Artists community, Lieksa.

July 7th Artist Lunch. Organiser Tuija Hirvonen- Puhakka in cooperation with

Café Kolin Ryynänen.

Instructed art trips as well as tailored trips to suit groups with special needs were also available by instructor Inka Kivi-Stranius/Luova keskus, Lieksa.

Community based art workshop

The Sun Gate and The Hut

Together with the villagers and the artists of the festival an art work using traditional round pole fence – The Sun Gate – was built at the courtyard of Seuraintalo (Koli village) during the community based art workshop. The instructors of the workshop were Timo Reko and Erkki Martikainen from the Union for Rural Education and Culture, the Regional Office of Eastern Finland. The Sun Gate was donated to the villagers and to Koli Sports Club Ipatti by the

Union for REC. In May Anneli Timonen and Atsushi Yamanaka had instructed a workshop for the village school and day care center. Children had made scale models of huts. With the guidance of Anneli Timonen and Miia Rosenius a life-size Hut was made by the villagers and the artists of the festival.

Forest of Wind Chimes

Our art group wanted to give its own effort for the environmental art festival. During the year we studied environmental art and started to collect “trash”, items that had already done their job and carried varying histories: rusted parts of machines, cutlery, burned badminton rackets, pieces of glass, ceramics and drift-wood, metal lids from the lanterns that had lit the graveyard on Christmas Eve. We have given these items one more chance and made them alive as art; they have become wind chimes and now each of them makes their own unique sound in the Koli forest. Maybe you can hear a fragile message of the work that these rusted items have done in the past. Hoping for a windy summer.

Koli art group, the folk college of Lieksa 8 junior high school students and 7 adults, teacher Liisa Tommila.

Stone Mushrooms – environmental Art Project

Stones have been put on a stand made of used concrete drain pipe. The surface has been covered with clinker tile mosaic. The art work emphasizes recycling, social relation, working together, shared experience, interaction; art is a shared trip along an invisible path, art belongs to everybody.

Visual design and idea: Lea Turto

Implemented by:
Lea Turto, Jyväskylä
Osmo Tolvanen, Koli
Jorma Kukkonen, Koli
Liisa Tommila, Koli
Leila Tanskanen, Koli
Ismo Hyttinen, Koli
Anne Pehkonen, Joensuu

Artisan of Craft and Design Students/North-Karelia College Joensuu Technology and Culture: Sandra Kinnarinen, Laura Keronen, Sami Pasanen, Sini Pylkkönen, Jaana Jylhä- Ollila, Iina Jouskari and the teacher Seppo Timonen.

Karelia University of Applied Sciences Students, Joensuu: Noora Nevalainen, Robert Karhi, Olli Ikonen



KOLI-Environmental Art Festival is a three-year-project taking place in Koli National Park and Koli village.