Exhibitions in Café Kolin Ryynänen

Exhibitions in Café Kolin Ryynänen

Paintings and Crocheting! And Mauno!
Paintings by Tuija Hirvonen- Puhakka, crocheting art by Anneli Timonen and an installation by Miia Rosenius. May 20th – June 30th 2013

Koli Today (Environmental Art Exhibition Tour in the province)

The exhibition toured in eleven spots in North Karelia. It contained documentary photographs of KOLI Environmental Art Festival and Ultimate Space workshop of Aalto university.

Joensuu Municipal Library, August 5th-30rd 2013
Hospital Gallery Mokoma Joensuu, August 12th-31st 2013
Juuka Municipal Library, September 2th – 20th 2013
Kontiolahti Municipal Library, October 1th -18th 2013
Kesälahti Municipal Library, November 4th – 22th 2013
Joensuu Eno Municipal Library, February 10th – 28th 2014
Visitor Centre Ukko, December 2nd 2013 – February 28th 2014
Carelicum, Joensuu, March-April 2014
Lieksa Culture Centre, Koli, April 2014
Gallery Ahjo, Joensuu, July 2014
Visitor Centre Ukko, Koli, September-November 2014

KOLI-Environmental Art Festival is a three-year-project taking place in Koli National Park and Koli village.