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KOLI Environmental Art Festival

KOLI Environmental Art Festival is an international environmental art project in North Karelia, Finland, and the project is taking place in Koli National Park and Koli village in 20132015. KOLI Environmental Art Project has arisen from the desire to promote environmental art. The project was started by a group of professional artists who live and work in North Karelia. Environmental Art and Community Based Art PYRY ry is in charge of planning and organizing the festival.

The festival emphasizes the ideas of sitespecific thinking, inclusion, participation and surprising standpoints. The festival also offers a great environment for cooperation. The Artists’ Residency Ryynänen is located in the middle of Koli village and it acts as “a meeting place” during the festival. The Meeting Place functions as a forum where public, participants and partners can all meet each other. It will provide information about the KOLI Environmental Art Festival.

The festival artists invited are working in the Artists’ Residency Ryynänen during May and June. Local people, travellers and representatives from communities and organizations are also welcome to the events at The Meeting Place. The Slash and Burn Gallery will open to public in the beginning of July.

Accessibility in Koli

When considering the accessible mobility, Koli is a quite challenging environment. When moving in the area of Koli National Park the differences in altitude are significant, the paths are mainly in natural state and the accessible mobility has not been taken into consideration. In the area of Koli National Park the Nature Centre Ukko is the only fully accessible building.

Below we have gathered some information about the accessibility of the pivotal places when visiting the festival area in Koli.

Nature Centre Ukko / Yläpiha courtyard

infopiste Pääsy pyörätuolillaWC Pääsy pyörätuolillaHissi Pyörätuoli luiska

All areas of the Koli Nature Centre Ukko are accessible for wheelchair users.

A toilet for the disabled is located in the building, there are ramps to the exhibitions and reference library, and lift access to the auditorium and meeting facilities. Wheelchairs can be accommodated in the railcar for access from the parking areas to Yläpiha courtyard. Visitors with mobility difficulties can drive into the Yläpiha courtyard, which is otherwise off limits for cars.

The auditorium is equipped with an induction loop system for the hearing impaired.

The accessible entrance to Sokos Hotel Koli is located opposite the railcar. There are two accessible rooms and a lift in the hotel.

Kolin Cafe Ryynänen

ravintola portaat Pyörätuoli luiska WC

Kolin Ryynänen is an old log house in the center of Koli village. The entrance has stairs and a ramp. The doorsteps between the rooms inside are high. Two toilets.

Artists’ Residency Ryynänen


The apartment and the studio of the Artists’ Residency Ryynänen are located above the café. A narrow steep staircase leads upstairs. The doorsteps between the rooms inside are high.

Mattila courtyard / Elontila, Cafeteria of Elves

ravintola portaat WC

From Koli village to Mattila leads a broadened gravel path which is relatively easy to travel but it is uphill road all the way to Mattila. There is a small parking space along the road to Mattila and if needed the car can be driven all the way to the yard of Mattila.

The main building in Mattila is an old log house. The entrance has stairs. A wheel chair can be lifted inside the house from the side door. The doorsteps between the rooms inside are high.

Two earth closets in the yard.

Koli tourist information in the centre of Koli village

infopiste portaat Pyörätuoli luiska

The entrance has stairs and a ramp.

Sale Shop in the centre of Koli village

portaat Pyörätuoli luiska WC

The entrance has stairs and a ramp. Toilet.

Restaurant Alamaja at Koli Harbour

ravintola portaat Pyörätuoli luiska WC

The entrance has stairs and a ramp. Two toilets.

Accessible hiking in the national park

Koli National Park Customer Service is located in Nature Centre Ukko where you can have more information about the area.
Phone: 0205 64 5654
Address: Ylä-Kolintie 39, 83960 Koli (Lieksa)
Email: ukko(at)metsa.fi
The Nature Centre is managed by Metsähallitus.

Getting to Koli

The easiest way to get to Koli is by taxi. The drive from Joensuu to Koli takes about an hour.
Good advises for travelling can be found here by Koli tourist information: http://www.koli.fi/en/Koli-info/Getting-to-Koli

Kaskikalleria international environmental art exhibition 2015


The maps

The maps for the Kaskikalleria environmental art exhibition can be found in:

– Nature Center Ukko
– Koli tourist info
– Sale shop
– Restaurant Alamaja
– Mattila Elontila
– Cafe Ryynänen
– Artist Residency Ryynänen
– post box at the Ryynänen yard

With the help of the map you can look at the art work independently. You can find the signs with the information by the art work. There are symbols in the map that will tell you about the accessibility of the places and the art work.

You can find the Kaskikalleria map with the accessibility material at


You can come to the Koli National Park with an assistance dog and the dogs are welcome to every event of the KOLI Environmental Art Festival.

kuvailutulkkaus Nakovammaissymboli2 Pistekirjoitus2 

Guidance for visually impaired persons

KOLI Environmental Art Festival has produced a tactile map for visually impaired persons. You can also find the information of each art work in Braille.

The tactile map and the Braille material can be borrowed from the Nature Center Ukko, Koli tourist info and Restaurant Alamaja in the harbor.

The information of each art work can also be found as recordings in Finnish which you can listen to at www.koliartfestival.fi


Sign language

KOLI Environmental Art Festival has produced material in Finnish sign language. The videos can be found at www.koliartfestival.fi

The basic information about Koli in Finnish sign language can be found at the website of Koli tourist information



Information about guidance for different groups can be found at www.koliartfestival.fi

and can be enquired from info@koliartfestival.fi

Assistants will be free of charge to participate in any chargeable event of KOLI Environmental Art Festival.