Kaukokaipuun puu, Outi Särkikoski

Outi Särkikoski (Joensuu)

At the moment I am making sculptures and installations with ceramics as the main material. I enjoy building up a simplified form and the little incidental variation within. From similar shapes I construct entities where conceptual contents and aesthetics often combine. The artwork in Koli came into existance from a sudden association and also from the fact that Koli is a familiar and congenial hiking area to me.


The Tree of Wanderlust

Forest is a place of contemplation and ‘a temple’ to us Finns. In Japanese temple areas I came across wishing trees and bushes where people could tag a wish written on a piece of paper. Based on this memory I created The Tree of Wanderlust, porcelain tags on the branches of an old fir tree, next to an ant’s nest bustling with life.

material: paper porcelain, metal wire