Nina Mutik

Nina Mutik (Finland)

The Sorcerer’s Daughter, a story installation where you are the main character

Artist Nina Mutik has returned to the Koli Environmental Art Festival for the third time. She continues to study experiencing environment through stories, this time with a story that the viewer builds herself straight from her surroundings. Nina is building an installation to Poikola farm with her work group. Tarja Hallberg is doing the script and Samuli Teerilahti produces music for the installation.

The Sorcerer’s Daughter tells a fictional story about a researcher that has gone missing. The mystery can be solved by studying the notes of the missing researcher that are part of the art piece and the installation at Poikola farm. Sorcerer’s Daughter opens 1.7.2015 and closes 23.10.2015. During this time you can borrow Kari Pitkänen’s notes and a flashlight from a white mailbox at the road junction to Poikola and head to the farm to solve the mystery. After the installation has closed the artist will publish documentation that reveals what happened to Kari.

Nina Mutik believes that the strongest experience is born when you find the story yourself. The artwork Sorcerer’s Daughter creates this magic moment to the audience.

Picture: Nina Mutik and Tarja Hallberg building the installation, Copyright Nina Mutik