Lila Dance & Company, KOLIWOOD

Lila Dance & Company, KOLIWOOD

Lila Dance & Company presents June 13th


Choreography Toni Keski-Liikala, performers visual artist Elina Autio, Tiina Hallakorpi, Kaarina Ormio, Kirsti Rautasalo

For a walker the surroundings are being materialised by cordinates on the map,  paths and mathematical distances. On the other hand distances also symbolise pathways in our minds which are intuitively long or short, easy or difficult.Also our breathing becomes part of the landscape.

In the performance the starting point for visual art is applied with working with body which is typical for dance. The performers are visual artists whose working is kind of ” mentoring” between visual art and dance. It could be asked where does dance ned and visual art begin. In the work landscape in Koli, dance and visual art have a Socratean dialogue between each other. In the work material is movement of the performers own body.