Michael Fairfax (Wiveliscombe, UK)

Sculptor: Sound artist
Wiveliscombe, England

Blog: michaelfairfax.blogspot.com.
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/michael-fairfax

Artist Statement

I have been working as a full time artist since 1980 mainly in the arena of public art, creating many pieces throughout the UK. In recent years I have been working with sound as well both electronically and acoustically and this has been the driving force for recent works especially on environmental residencies around the world.

My work is about place, I can only create the right piece once I have visited the site and seen the qualities of the space, the materials, the history and architecture, these all guide my work.

My work in Koli

The work in Koli came about after walking around the sites, having permissions refused and seeking different options, when Teijo and I saw the possibilities of the roots and Heikke could remove them I knew the plan would work. Heikke lifted the roots and I cleaned the earth from them by hand so the splendour of the interlinking tendrils and the powerful large structures appeared along with the devastation of the ripped and torn pieces caused by the power of the wind, showing the beauty that is normally hidden.

The piano strings on the main trunk of the tree can be played by anyone, the sound is best heard by placing ones ear to any part of the root, thus the roots sing once more. These three pieces are called: RIPPED FROM THE EARTH TO SING AGAIN

There is one more piece aside from the three Roots and this is a broken and split silver birch tree that I have strung like a harp, it can be played with two hands and listened to by placing ones ear anywhere on the tree. This I have called: BETULA KANTELE