"I will survive!"

Kimmo Peltola (Turku)

Artist statement Kimmo Peltola

Born in Turku in X

I am a sculptor living and working in Finland. For the last thirteen years I have been living and working in Karkkila, Uusimaa. Recently, I have fallen in love with wood and chainsaws again, in the unfinished traces the sawchain leaves on the pure white surface of the aspen… The eternal incompleteness, exhausting labor, constructions, woods, birds…

Today I just want to play, build a play house with the enthusiasm of a careless boy not worrying about tomorrow… To make it a place of my own… A place where day-to-day life would stop… A place of silence where I could hear my thoughts again… A place with no yesterday nor tomorrow… A place with only the present…

“I will survive!”

After having to give up the original proposal, we were looking for a possible new site for my work along the path leading to Elontila. About ten meters on the side I saw two rectangular pits, clearly man made, that turned out to be abandoned caved-in mossy potato pits or root cellars… The pits possibly originate from the 18th century and my work there creates another layer of time. I will make a chair where one can sit, listen to and watch the surrounding nature.

The physical work is an important aspect in my artwork. It is the stage that often cannot be seen in the final piece. I want to feel the exhaustion after chainsawing the aspen logs into boards of requisite size. I want each surface to be sculpted by only me and my chainsaw. I want to carry each necessary piece to the working site myself and feel the exhaustion and happiness at the end of the day. I want the artwork to be a raw and unfinished body of a building, a symbolic base for future possibilites and the relentlessness of the past.