Harri Piispanen (Helsinki) and Tristan Hamel (Helsinki, France)

From the Ground

“From the Ground” is a piece of art in Koli collaborated by Harri Piispanen and Tristan Hamel. The work, situated in the slash and burn area, consists of clay sculptures in the form of tree trunks, each of which is built on a tree stump. The idea is that the sculptures are “burned” in the process of slash and burn of the area. When the conditions are appropriate, the outcome might be ceramic sculptures alongside traditional slash and burn process – otherwise, the clay will slowly burn back into the ground where it was originally removed from.

Ministry of Forests executed the slash and burn on August 26th near Ollila in Koli. “From the Ground” by Tristan Hamel and Harri Piispanen got a new surprising form during the process.

Photos: Teijo Karhu

Harri Piispanen

1981, Helsinki

I am a visual and environmental artist from Helsinki. I work variedly with e.g. installation, performance
and sculptures – my aim is to let the contents define the form of the work and its material. Environmental works often get their form as an answer to the location: the tentative idea exists, but the final form is resolved on the spot.

Tristan Hamel

Visual Artist
1983, France

Helsinki, Finland


I am a visual artist based in Helsinki, currently pursuing a phd at the department of Arts of Aalto University. With both academic and practice background in environmental art, I am mostly producing site-specific artworks. In this line, I do not have a material of choice but rather adapt to the constraints and opportunities of the working site. More recently, I have dedicated much effort into intending to bring together traditional practices of environmental art and the use of digital technologies in an attempt to address communication networks as relevant elements of a site’s context.