Working Team

KOLI Environmental Art Project has arisen from the desire to promote environmental art. The project was started by a group of professional artists who live and work in North Karelia. In 2013 the working team consisted of six artists.

The working team decided to arrange a site­specific environmental art festival in Koli because of the unique surroundings and the cherished cultural heritage of the place. The artists and the travellers have found their inspiration from Koli for over a hundred year. KOLI Environmental Art Festival has been planned to be versatile and to emphasize communication. The aim is to bring together artists, local actors and organisations.

As artists and as members of the KOLI Environmental Art Project we want to be involved in creating and producing a cultural production that speaks out, and that is attached to the phenomenon of our time by listening the people and the environment.

Working Team 2014-15

Tuija Hirvonen-Puhakka
visual artist, site specific art

soutamassa (kopio)
Teijo Karhu

Teijo Karhu
visual artist MFA, site specific art




Miia Rosenius

Miia Rosenius
Visual Artist, Master of Arts/Art Education

What a fascinating place, this world! You never stop wondering. Something little nice and interesting always emerges and you can’t help yourself, you have to find out more. And there’s always something that comes back to haunt you and wants to be seen in some form.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been finding myself again and again in jobs arranging different kind of things. There’s always something that needs to be arranged and organised. I find myself enjoying it but what a never ending job! And I wonder if I function systematically, at least in the eyes of an outsider ten things at the same time probably looks like a chaos. But hey – if you feel like loosing it you can alway go to the woods. That’s where it all makes sense again!

Festival Team 2013

Anne Pehkonen
visual artist, project manager

Tuija Hirvonen-Puhakka
visual artist, site specific art

Teijo Karhu
visual artist MFA, site specific art,

Marko Saarelainen
sculptor, environmental art

Anneli Timonen

Anneli Timonen
visual artist, community based art

Contact person in Koli:

Liisa Tommila, photo Outi Vornanen

Lisa Tommila
textile artist

Graphic design

  • Andy Pilke, Digital media specialist
  • Sini Silvennoinen, Visual artist

Cooperation with educational institutions


  • Hanna Vainio, Visual and environmental artist
    Cultural Manegement
    HUMAK, University of Applied Sciences, Kauniainen campus
  • Outi Vornanen, Graphic design
    Karelia University of   Applied Sciences
  • Atsushi Yamanaka
    Chiba University, Japan
    Department of Urban environment systems

Practical training

  • Noora Nevalainen,
    Youth and leisure instructor Studying Bachelor of Social Services
    Karelia University of   Applied Sciences; Creative process, Art in society
  • Antoona Kupiainen
    HUMAK University of Applid Sciences, Joensuu campus
  • Robert Karhi and Olli Ikonen
    Degree Programme In Communication, Bachelor of Media
    Centre for Creative Industries, Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Artisan of craft and design, North Karelia College Joensuu Technology and Culture


  • Laura Keronen
  • Sandra Kinnarinen
  • Iina Jouskari
  • Jaana  Jylhä-Ollila
  • Sami Pasanen
  • Sini Pylkkönen
  • Teachers: Ari Peltola, Seppo Timonen

KOLI-Environmental Art Festival is a three-year-project taking place in Koli National Park and Koli village.